Quantum Control for Neutral Atoms and for Ions | Barry C. Sanders | Keynote Talk
Quantum Information | Aeysha Khalique | Workshop
Quantum Computation | Muhammad Faryad | Workshop
Quantum Careers | Simon Devitt | Discussion (1/2)
Quantum Careers | Gavin Brennen | Discussion (2/2)
Quantum Algorithms for the NISQ Era | Jingbo B. Wang | Keynote Talk
Computational Contextuality | Jibran Rashid | Invited Talk
Engineering Entanglement Opto-mechanically| Farhan Saif | Invited Talk
Quantum Speed Limit, Non-Markovinity and Quantum Phase Transition in Ising Spins Systems | Salman Khan Saifi | Invited Talk
Discussion Session | Peter P. Rohde, Muhammad Faryad, Mark M. Wilde | Moderator: Sabah Ud Din Ahmad | Discussion
Quantum Entanglement: Applications in Communication & Cryptography | Mark M. Wilde | Keynote Talk
Magnetic Engineered Quantum Systems for Sensing & Fundamental Studies | Jason Twamley | Keynote Talk
Quasi-inversion of Classical and Quantum Channels | Vahid Karimipour | Keynote Talk
Quantum Cheshire Cat: A Physically Realistic Interpretation by Invoking Entangled Correlations | Manzoor Ikram | Invited Talk
Initial system-environment correlations in open quantum systems | Adam Zaman | Invited Talk
Dynamics and Multiqubit Entanglement in Distant Resonators | Shahid Qamar | Invited Talk
Gaussian Boson Sampling for Quantum Computational Advantage | Chao-Yang Lu | Keynote Talk