Poster Presentations

1Akhtar MunirExciton-Polariton mediated nonlinear optics in a hybrid optomechanical systemPDF
2Ammar Ali HakeemInformation Transfer With Continuous Time Quantum WalksPDF
3Areeda AyoubThermal Entanglement in two superconducting qubitsPDF
4Habiba IrumDynamics of an Impurity and a Bose-Einstein Condensate in a Gravito-Optical Surface TrapPDF
5Haleema Sadia QureshiContinuous variable quantum teleportation via entangled Gaussian state generated by a beam splitterPDF
6Humaira AkramQuantum Magneto-transport in topological insulators with higher momentum contributionPDF
7Muhammad DaudQuantum NetworkingPDF
8Muhammad NoumanPT-Symmetry embedded in Double-Well SystemPDF
9Muhammad AbidProlonging Entanglement sudden death by using PT symmetric scenarioPDF
10Shahzad Akhtar AliRoom temperature Valley Physics in Two-Dimensional SemiconductorsPDF
11Shakir UllahQuantum steering of a two-mode Gaussian state using a quantum beat laserPDF
12Syed ShahmirGeneration of Multiparty Entanglement in Superconducting CircuitsPDF
13Syed Aafeen Bin GhayasThe Delayed Choice Quantum EraserPDF